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Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts - we will try to revive your usual menu and make it as tasty and healthy as possible.

“I really liked the selection of recipes, they are from the real world. You can cook something simple, you can try new, great snacks, pastries, lots of vegetables, a minimum of sugar, a choice of fish and seafood, some meat dishes. We always knew what to do, but will never tried to make it real! ”- Svetlana P.

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Fun and useful one day mixer will help to attract kids to cooking!


“I’m so delighted with the app! And my family is too. Recipes are quick and do not require long “dances” with five pots and pans. Just gorgeous! Thanks to all who have invested their work and soul in this creation! ”- Olga

The list of ingredients, cooking steps and useful tips from our chef make the whole experience very simple.

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Convenient search.


You can generate balanced and varied menu for 1-7 days.

You can use filters to take your dietary requirements into account: we have vegetarian, vegan and "free from" recipes.

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“The best part for me is that for every situation when you want tasty, healthy and quick recipe – there’s always something in the app with ingredients that I have at hand!” - Irina P.

Shopping list? No problem! It will be generated automatically for your finished menu, and then you can save it to your phone or print it right away from your phone.

“I was trying to find a tool for creating menu in advance for ages! This app saves time for shopping, money and space in the fridge. And the shopping list is wicked! I take a screenshot of the shopping list when there is no possibility to print. ” - Irina P.


You can send a week menu with a shopping list via messenger or mail to your loved once on their way to a supermarket.


“Generated menu is very good! I never tried kohlrabi and celery root before! I appreciate the variety of recipes. Especially the list of healthy desserts! :) ”- Julia S.


Do you have children? Turn on the tips feature and get daily tips and tricks from Maria Kardakova with basic principles for building healthy relationships with food for children.

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“When my kid asks 'mom, can you make something yummy' I can, with a clear conscience, let him choose something and not worry that the recipe will contain a ton of sugar, salt, mayonnaise or I will have to spend the whole day in the kitchen” - Olya P.



"Why there is no information about calories?"

We wanted to make our app as easy as possible for every user, including children and teenagers. We want every member of your family to enjoy our recipes. And when the portions are moderate, the menu is balanced, does not contain processed foods and all the ingredients are fresh – information about calories is simply redundant.


There are studies that show that constant monitoring of calorie intake contributes to the development of dietary problems and eating disorders.


Many developers put a lot of effort into a calculation of these numbers. And we’re just focusing on a product that you’ll be able to use every day without any stress.

“It’s absolutely happy there’s no information about calories! All the recipes are really balanced. They don’t leave you hungry and you do not overeat!” - Svetlana

"Why there's no data on nutrient content?"

Recipes in the app are handpicked and distributed throughout the day based on portion sizes and food groups – so that you have enough vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats on average during the day. When generating your weekly menu we made sure that you get enough of the important elements – iron, zinc, iodine, Omega-3 fatty acids. And if you really start to eat as varied as we recommend, the deficiency of these elements is simply impossible!

“I really enjoy homemade pastries replacing store bought cookies and other junk. Kids always ask for it and it felt too complicated to replace them with something else. But if you follow a plan, buy ingredients in advance using the shopping list it is actually very plausible. This the most real-world application that I saw” - Olga P.

“My child learns new things about products, he learns to choose ingredients, helps to cook and is curious about new food!” “It is so nice to know that authors of the app were thinking about making your menu balanced!” - Natalia L.

"I can't follow the week menu and cook everyday."

You don't have to:

1. Just try to cook one day a week – we're certain that you're going to save some recipes for later.

2. You can delete, replace and enter your own recipes. For instance, if you think that you're going to eat your dinner for lunch the next day you can just remove the recipe or enter the name of your dinner.

“I really like the fact that my family is involved in the process. It’s not just a puzzle for me now. This is especially helpful when you’re having a stressful week. Recipes are very simple, you can choose something familiar to you, or something new for a change. All the ingredients are easy to find. "- Olga

“For me to spend too much time on cooking is not very realistic. But obviously, when I try to cook just a little bit from the app my diet becomes a lot more balanced. It is very cool! I’m on the seventh heaven for many days now! Thanks for that! ”- LadyLovely



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Maria Kardakova, MSc, ANutr

Founder, Public Health Nutritionist

"You don't have to be a food guru to eat healthy and balanced. This app is a perfect instrument to change your family's diet. I'm always saying not to restrict yourself but rather expand your everyday menu – make it more varied and interesting."


Olga Shaskova

Photography, food stylist

"I love to cook. Preparing food for me is always loads of fun and an easy way to make my family happy".


Alesya Kukharchyk

Content manager​

"Golden rules in our family are to eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains! We always cook and try new recipes together."

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